Does Reason Core Security replace anti-virus software?

Reason Core Security is specifically designed to work hand-in-hand with the top anti-virus products on the market. Double or even triple your protection with our complete protection solution.

So, do I still need my anti-virus?

The current version of Reason Core Security is designed to target a variety of threats with a very strong focus on adware, spyware and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). While Reason Core Security is also very effective at finding and removing most malware including trojans, worms, etc, it is not designed to function as a traditional anti-virus engine and does not specifically target file infecting and memory resident viruses as well as various types of rootkits. We still feel very strongly that you continue to use your existing AV product. You should certainly use Reason Core Security in conjunction with your anti-virus as it is going to target and remove the types of unwanted threats that many AV products just don't handle. Additionally Reason Core Security is so light-weight and fast that it will not interfere with your AV and does not bog down your PC like security products normally do.

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