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Recognizing our commitment to fighting malware and adware

OPSWAT Silver Certified

Reason Core Security is OPSWAT certified in the Anti-malware category. OPSWAT Certification verifies that security applications are compatible with leading network and technology solutions, so that users experience fewer issues.

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9 malware defenders (CNet)

"Reason Core Security combines Reason Software's top products in one convenient pack: Should I Remove It? to cull the bloatware that comes with a new computer; HerdProtect, a cloud-based malware scanner; Boost, a performance utility; and the popular Unchecky, which deselects third-party software offers to stop them from tagging along when you're installing an app you do want. If you're looking for a comprehensive cleanup and prevention kit, Reason Core Security is a must."
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Softpedia Editor's Review - Excellent

"Reason Core Security is an efficient and intuitive application that can protect your computer against malware, block unwanted software installations, as well as remove unnecessary programs, startup items and browser add-ons."
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WindowsInstructed Review

"Reason Core Security scored a 9.6 to 10, making it an excellent product. An absolute asset to your computer. As the program’s score reflects, Reason Core Security is an excellent program to have on your system. With its bundled software protection, active scanner, good detection rates, ease of use and very user-friendly interface, the program is an absolute must to have on your system."
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GIGA Windows - 5/5

"Reason Core Security eliminates malware and adware and protects after installation even against future attempts to burden our computers so."
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User Testimonials

"I have a client that manages logistics across all of North America, your software saved their tails last week. I’ve been in systems for 35 years, and frankly have been pretty disappointed at the lack of innovation and product quality as of late. You guys are a breath of fresh air."

"You got rid of some nasty adware that was causing me problems and really improved my computer performance."

"I've tried several anti malware before but this 'Reason' new product tops them all. Excellent protection against bundled offers that come with installers. Excellent Product, get's the job done really good."

"Finally Reason Software has released a full Anti-Malware solution. The protection against adware is really good, the best I have seen in the market. A must companion for every AV."

"I have been following Reason for some time now and have been using and recommending many of there products, specifically Should I Remove It. I am very happy to see they now have all their tools in one complete package. And, I must say I am really impressed. Based on my tests this is far and away the best adware detection I have ever seen and I run Malwarebytes and AdwCleaner all the time. Keep up the good work!"

"Works great with no system slow down like the others. I definitely recommend this product to all antivirus users. I have tried all major antivirus but this one is so simple and clear with best protection. Such a peace of mind."

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