Who are we?

Working together to secure your bottom line

At Reason Software we believe that everyone deserves a PC free of malware, bloatware and adware. And that’s why we do what we do - build software to detect, block and remove all the things you don't want infiltrating your most sensitive data. We are a small, but passionate grassroots group of researchers, dedicated to giving users the best and most comprehensive security software. We also know that learning from our users is of prime importance and that's why we want your input. With your feedback about incidents, our effectiveness, and any suggestions you might have, we’ll build Reason Core Security into the bottom line in stopping malware, adware and bloatware. And if you love RCS, help us by spreading the word that there is a new bottom line in PC security.
-Thanks, the Reason Team

Reason in Action

In the last 30 days, we have:

Removed over
malware threats.

Blocked over
adware and PUP installs.

About us

Reason Core Security is a Reason Software Company product, powered by a team of very talented programmers, malware hunters and visionaries led by Andrew Newman.

With a very strong desire to change the way the anti-virus industry has been operating for the last 30 years, Reason Core Security brings a revolutionary approach to threat detection. Reason Core Security leverages cloud computing and big data analytics to provide PC users with the fastest and most accurate protection available on the market today. In addition, Reason Core Security is designed to work along side traditional anti-virus products and attack threats that most AVs don't touch.

Since 2012, we have brought our unique approach to design and development with other amazing products, including Boost and the award winning Should I Remove It? serving tens of millions of happy users. Reason products have been featured by CNET, PCWorld, The Next Web, Discovery Channel, Kim Komando, USA Today and hundreds of other media outlets and blogs.

About Andrew Newman

With nearly 20 years of experience, Andrew is a seasoned developer and entrepreneur in the anti-malware industry. Andrew was the co-founder and chief software architect for GIANT Company Software, acquired by Microsoft Corporation. GIANT Company was a leader in the anti-spyware and anti-spam industry pioneering many innovations that used machine learning and behavior analysis over distributed networks to rapidly combat malware. This network later became known as SpyNet and still serves as the backbone to Microsoft’s secure computing initiatives. Andrew served as Lead Security Program Manager at Microsoft, and lead in the development and release of Microsoft Anti-Spyware and Windows Defender, now a part of the Windows Operating System. Andrew also holds a number of patents around distributed computing, data aggregation and information discovery. By utilizing his well-honed skill set within the AV industry and his passion for statistical analytics, data sciences and hatred of malware, Reason Core Security was born.